Stackable, flexible, reusable.. Child’s play!
These are only a few of all the great features of the Masterbloc stacking blocks. With the Masterbloc® stacking blocks, you can quickly construct a retaining wall, storage box or even a large industrial hall, completely made to measure.


Masterbloc makes building a wall child’s play

We have all played with toys as children where you had to click little bricks onto each other until you had constructed a building. But could it be possible to apply this concept in the real world? That was the breakthrough we had and that is how Masterbloc stacking blocks were born: tough, durable blocks which you can combine quick and easy to construct a durable, solid and lasting wall.

The most flexible construction solution on the market today

Masterbloc stacking blocks are the most flexible solution available on the market today when you need to build a partition wall or structure fast and cost effective. Thanks to the very easy way of handling the blocks, constructing a wall is 100% tailor-made job, according your needs. The innovative Masterbloc-system doesn’t use cement to connect the block together, making the blocks ready-to-use right after delivery. This unique amount of flexibility also allows the blocks to be relocatable afterwards: after the blocks have been stacked, they can be easily dismantled to be rebuilt somewhere else. The Masterbloc-system will give you the flexibility and the ease-of-use of a block play, combined with the practical applicability of a concrete wall.
Masterbloc stacking blocks is not only the most flexible construction system around; it is also extremely durable and sturdy. It combines the bearing strength of concrete with the ease-of-use of a block play, making it relatively easy to dismantle the building elements after use and reuse them on a different location. You don’t have to demolish concrete walls with a demolition hammer and completely reconstruct it – the only thing you have to do is to move the blocks, and we are willing to help with that! The reusability makes the Masterbloc construction elements more sustainable and environmental friendly when compared to other construction materials, since it’s so easy to effectively reuse them.

We build and transport for you!

We understand that not all our customers have the ability to stack the blocks themselves; therefore we’re offering the possibility to have your walls and storage boxes constructed by us – for more information see Transport & fitting.


  • Retaining walls & partition walls
  • Lock ups / Storage
  • Acoustic walls
  • Industrial halls
  • Separating walls for civic amenity sites / Containerpark layouts
  • Fire-resistant walls
  • Agricultural applications


  • 100% customised
  • 100% flexible
  • Less expensive than L-blocks or poured concrete walls
  • Reusable (temporary walls)
  • Sturdy and durable (permanent walls)
  • Very fast construction on just about any stable, level surface
  • At delivery the blocks can be immediately stacked to become a wall
  • No complicated concrete work required: this is a straightforward stacking system
  • Relocatable
  • Space-saving
  • The walls are absolutely solid
  • High residual value (approximately 80% of the purchase price).
  • The ideal alternative to the inflexible concrete L-walls.



Masterbloc — After-sales service

The Masterbloc is a very versatile construction block enabling you to layout your terrain in a flexible and adjustable way. We can assist you when you don’t have the time or material to adjust of construct the walls. To get the most out of Masterbloc we advise to use our expertise in building walls out of concrete elements!
For further information, see Transport & Construction.

Masterbloc clamp

The Masterbloc clamp is the right tool for customers who would like to build with the Masterbloc themselves. The clamp can be rented or bought, if desired