For selling our concrete products in the several countries and regions which make up our main market, we have a team of professional and skillful zone-managers to our disposal which are happy to assist you.

Latvia and Lithuania

00371 27 860 679

Latvia and Lithuania

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Estonia and Finland

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You can call our office for any other region or European country at +32 89 65 78 85


Advice is our middle name at Gubbels Masterbloc Concrete Group, and comes included by default!

We have amassed a great deal of experience working in the construction industry for over 3 generations and we strongly advise you to use this expertise. Even though innovative construction systems like Masterbloc have simplified the construction of a wall or any other construction considerably, building a construction with concrete blocks is still a task best performed by experience professionals.

That is why Gubbels Concrete Group Ltd. gives advice with no additional cost for the following:

  • Advice for designing folding walls, closures, storage boxes (Masterbloc)
  • Advice in choosing the necessary bricks
  • In which situation a brick of building element can be best applied
  • Develop construction plans for Masterbloc building blocks
  • Advice in finding the bust budgetary solution for your project
  • Advice in planning cost effective fast construction projects
  • Solving stock problems or restrict acoustic nuisance with Masterbloc: the team of advisers at Gubbels is always by your side!

How can we be of service?

Every construction project requires an individual approach to shine in its own right. That is why our employees in Flanders, Wallonia, the Grand Duchy Luxembourg, Germany, France and the Netherlands are ready to provide you with tailor-made advice. Whether you need concrete blocks to build a school in Brussels, stacking blocks to finish a production facility at lightning speed, KIMblocs and Top Argex building blocks for office spaces, or T-beams and hollow blocks for new construction projects; together we will find the solution best representing your wishes and demands, for the best possible price!

Contact our specialized and skillful advisers today to find out how we can be of service!