Our trucks provide daily transport of our concrete products all over Western-Europe. When required we can deliver your purchase wherever you would like and you can start building or stacking.

With our crane trucks and heavy duty trucks we can quickly deliver the biggest tonnages you can imagine. Our logistic service is daily at your disposal and can be reached at +371 67424285.

We understand perfectly well that not everybody has the tools at hand to stack or build with the blocks themselves. That is why we provide our customers with the service to have the blocks being built or stacked in the desired construction by us.

The various construction elements we supply give endless possibilities when it comes to the kind of buildings and structures you can build with them, and are in high regards by our customers.

From bigger buildings like schools, hospitals, factories and sporting halls to smaller constructions like stables, storages, and fast construction projects; our concrete stacking blocks make for a seamless endless variety of possibilities to construct durable buildings effectively, yet at the same time in a cost effective manner.

That is why we have specialized in-house researchers to provide you with detailed advice to realize your ideas in a practical manner.

Our researchers provide all customers with a non-binding building plan, displaying your wishes regarding walls, and they will give out technical support and professional assistance (regarding wall height, foundations, stock possibilities i.e.). With these plans in hand and with the professional assistance of our advisers, our crane operators will get to work to quickly satisfy your wishes, making it possible for you to quickly assemble your structure.

After delivery, you can still count on SIA “Masterbloc Latvia”, for example when your demands have changed in regards to stock or you have changed your laying plan. After mutual consultation we can always assist in disassembling certain walls to build them up again at a different spot.

Our service goes way beyond that of other suppliers, as you can see.